Save fuel costs by using ENAiKOON's intelligent GPS devices and software

Does your fleet have an improved work process, optimized logistics and solid  advertisement planning, but is still neck to neck with the competition?

Then it's time to take the next step and control fuel consumption.

Today, each truck has an electronic interface that measures fuel consumption, speed, location, etc. With inViu pro and our device locate-06 can you can go close to this data and this may bring your drivers to a diesel consumption-reducing driving.

In this way you can reduce the average fuel consumption of your trucks by up to 15% - and this is, considering today's fuel prices, a small fortune!


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Control fuel consumption of your trucks
  • supervising speed - as speed increases, your fuel costs increase exponentially
  • starting procedure - checking to make sure the truck is properly maintained and ready for driving will reduce fuel costs and maintenance costs
  • better driving methods - through improved usage of the materials, drivers save you fuel
  • reducing idling and wasted hours - know exactly where your employees are to completely eliminate unauthorised trips, excessive idling and wasted working hours
Better fleet-management
  • always know the location of your cargo and quickly adjust schedules and routes based on unexpected situations
  • detailed information about toll payments for correct billing
  • automated and instant alerts for unexpected changes in your diesel tanks for theft prevention and consumption control
  • inexpensive hardware and software
  • german-made reliability
  • fast 1-2 month return on investment
  • in our program, setting thresholds for diagnostic information allows the manager to see what is wrong with the truck or machine and reduce the amount of down-time due to repairs
Fleet dispatching with ENAiKOON
  • route optimisation - finding the best possible route to your vehicles destination reduces time and fuel consumption
  • change routes - our data is sent in real time and if there are any weather or traffic delays, the dispatcher can inform you customers about delays
  • handling of resources - assigning which vehicle should take which cargo and which driver should drive the car cuts down management time

The fleet management software inViu pro aggregates all the relevant data coming from your vehicles, mobile objects and personnel. This information is then organised in reports with graphs, tables and calculations to objectively show the activities of each vehicle, mobile object and employee.

Our low-cost ENAiKOON driver-id allows the detection of time, heading, current task and location of mobile personnel. Access control is also possible, giving the manager the ability to give responsibility of a vehicle only to a specific employee. Having a personnel identification system gives the manager a birds-eye view and increased control and flexibility over the daily workings of the company.

The motor of your truck may be idling for hours during the day, while the driver has breakfast, during the wait before a boundary, a ferry, a tunnel, or from the many times during the trip that the driver has downtime. Our locate-06 can device helps you to avoid frequent maintenance intervals and higher maintenance and diesel costs.

Know the second the driver speeds, uses breaks incorrectly, has deflated tires, shifts incorrectly or takes an inefficient route. Our customers using this device have reported fuel consumption reductions as high as 15%. A savings per-truck of 500 euros a month. Find out more about how to control fuel consumption.

Our simplified interface shows the exact location, heading and task of all vehicles, personnel and mobile objects. Planned routes can be sent instantly to the on-board computer of the driver and if weather conditions, traffic or special incidents take place, the dispatcher can change the route with only a text message.